The fall of the golden ball



The Cupola of the Duomo is crowned with a golden sphere, designed by Verocchio in 1471. It doesn’t look very big from down here, does it?



But I’m sure it seemed huge that June day in the year 1600 when Florence experienced a tremendous thunderstorm and lightning struck the Duomo. The golden ball came tumbling down the cupola roof and hit the ground, digging a great hole. Miraculously nobody was hurt.



400 years later, we can still see today where the golden ball landed, as the spot is marked with a marble circle.



4 comments on “The fall of the golden ball

  1. imponerad says:

    Spännande minnesmärke – och guld är ju aldrig fel!

  2. K says:

    Cool! And the clouds in the second picture looks like they would like to contribute in the re-telling the story 😉

    But – also middle picture – I didn’t understand it was the Dome at first. Looks square from that angle.

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